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Dr Gary Miracle Cures! What Keeps Us Hoping? “Hope. Miracle. It seems to me that we use those words a lot when we are talking about health. Let’s start…” Adderall and family “I sing all the time. I have done this all of my life. I was officially diagnosed 1997. I have…”
CleanX what medicine has worked for u “Metadate CD is my miracle medication! I have tried just about everything and the only one that works wonders is…”
BeccaAnn316 New to this...and Need Advice...Son just diagnosed Severe… “I'm kind of nervous about the caffeine though but I have noticed on the cooler nights when he drinks coco…”
AshieN Why do i have so many memory problems? “I've heard raving reviews of Modafinil and others using 'nootropic stacks' > http://trackmystack.­com/stacks/cognitive­-enhancement/ is this a sham?”

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