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see more Welcome to Attention Deficit Connect! Share your story. “Hello everyone I've just recently joined today. I need never knew this even existed. I found out I have ADH…”
carender35 Second-guessing yourself? How do you avoid getting stuck? “I am having a really hard time dealing with my boyfriends ADHD. He is always angry.”
Dr Gary Everybody‚Äôs a little (or a lot) anxious. What… “Living with a chronic condition gives you all kinds of reasons to feel anxious. Do I need to go through…”
wildtigger2 who else has been or is taking care… “I raised two sons and one also had bipolar 2. they are both grown now and out of house. feel…”
jayabee52 Keeping your activity level up. How do you… “Dr Gary, While your post here may be well received other places, this is a website focusing on ADHD. the…”

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