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Dr Gary How you start your day can make a… “The day doesn’t always go the way you want it to. But here’s where you do have some control: how…”
mindyjill ADHD accomadations and coping strategies “sorry dude I was look to see if there was any medical data on coffee and adhd”
ADD_Coach_Lynne Strategies for Enjoying your Summer with ADHD… “There's No Summer Break from ADHD / ADD! I absolutely love summer. I look forward to it all year.”
jayabee52 Symptoms “Howdy RW I hyper focus when I am really interested in a subject. I don't seem to be bored or…”
vondagail Making that doctor’s appointment. Not sure if you… “Why can't a Dr. see I was diagnosed wrong earlier?I have taken report cards and my failures at everything in…”

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