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Cshearer182 ADD & Anxiety Disorder “Hi, I appreciated your story and wanted to thank you for sharing. I was never diagnosed with ADHD but my…”
Dr Gary Staying informed. Are you active or just humming… “When recently diagnosed, one piece of advice you were most likely given, by your physician or your loved ones, was…”
ADHD/Jillian What challenges do you have in relationships? “You wrote on your profile. I feel so lost with this whole ADAH combination type. I can't ever get anything…”
Damnifiknow SLEEP, ADHD & CPAP “Does any one else have an issue falling asleep? My mind goes 100 miles per hour & I just lay…”
Abbey Sue Can ADD/ADHD be used to your advantage? “Check out Peter's podcast at to learn more about how he uses ADD/ADHD "as an advantage, not as a…”

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