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Kikimonchichi anyone wanna be my friend “I know I'm late here, but need a friend that understands what exactly? I always have an open ear”
Dr Gary Advocating for yourself? Just what does that mean? ““Advocate” is one of those terms I hear tossed around a lot, by my clients, by other professionals, and in…”
michgurl74 Everybody’s a little (or a lot) anxious. What… “I get anxious when I know that I've made an impulsive decision, that's going to cause a rift with my…”
Godsgrl 81 ADD and Autistic spectrum disorders. “Alisa's mom bless your heart sounds like your very stressed out , I don't really have any pointers for you…”
ADD_Coach_Lynne Looking for help with answers to Procrastination questions “Hi everyone. I hope this is OK for me to post here! I could use a little help from any members of…”

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