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TwentyOneTimelords skin burning “This was a while back, but maybe your daughter and yourself are allergic to it. Maybe just mildly.”
Dr Gary Everybody’s got an opinion -- how do you… “Here’s what I think you should do… How often have you heard that one? Usually from a family member or…”
LindaW917 Why do i have so many memory problems? “I am a 52 year old woman and was put on Adderall 30mg about 3 years ago. I believe…”
BlueEyes727 who else has been or is taking care… “I am, my daughter and I both have ADHD. It's hard at time's because we both have it. Not to…”
simogene 504 anyone?? “A 504 is a classroom adaptation plan, my son has one. You'll talk with the staff about things that have…”

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