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Dr Gary Getting through the first year… what’s it like? “Being diagnosed with a chronic condition brings up a lot of questions. Some of them include: What’s my life going…”
Damnifiknow SLEEP, ADHD & CPAP “Does any one else have an issue falling asleep? My mind goes 100 miles per hour & I just lay…”
ADHD/Jillian What challenges do you have in relationships? “I have adjacent combination type and never realized how bad mine is. Until I got divorced and and even in…”
Godsgrl 81 ADD & Anxiety Disorder “Being ADD has never been easy for me . I grew up in a very loving family whom accepted me…”
Abbey Sue Can ADD/ADHD be used to your advantage? “Check out Peter's podcast at to learn more about how he uses ADD/ADHD "as an advantage, not as a…”

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