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Dr Gary Work stress, life stress, can throw your self-care… “Stress at work… stress at home… and ignoring your self-care routine. Does this cycle sound familiar? It seems that we…”
ADD_Coach_Lynne Why do i have so many memory problems? “This is an old thread, but a pretty common problem among those of us with ADHD, so I thought I'd…”
karen7t2 504 anyone?? “Hi, I'm new here but had this experience with my daughter in grade 6 when she was diagnosed. I would…”
michaelzrork Running a business with ADHD “Hey there guys! I'm new to this site, but thought I'd start out by asking if any of you have…”
TwentyOneTimelords skin burning “This was a while back, but maybe your daughter and yourself are allergic to it. Maybe just mildly.”

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