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Dr Gary So… What do you do to get in… ““I can’t.” “I don’t feel ready yet.” “This won’t work anyway.” Sound familiar at all? If any of these statements…”
ADD_Coach_Lynne A Positive Side to ADHD / ADD? Really? “A Positive Side to ADHD? Really? As a woman with ADD myself and parent to a young man with ADHD…”
Victoria DeAngelis Coffee drinkers??? “I am currently taking Vyvance for my ADHD but love to pick up a cup of yummy medium McDonalds Vanilla…”
madonnica Tip of the week #5: Quieting down the… “"quiet time"...I don't think that ever happens with me. I'm always being told to "relax" - I don't know how…”
wolven Find New Friends with The Mingle Machine “Hello new at this hope I am doing this right. It seems that I may have symptoms of this never…”

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