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Dr Gary Ever get sick of being told to look… “I’ll follow up this question with another one: Ever just let yourself feel crummy (angry, sad, frustrated…)? I am all…”
spot530 SLEEP, ADHD & CPAP “yes I do. My mind never shuts up. If you learn to meditate you also learn how to stop thinking…”
Alisa's mom parents not accepting of ADHD diagonsis “My mother does not accept that my daughter has ADD plus other problems.It is hard when we all live in…”
Cshearer182 ADD & Anxiety Disorder “Hi, I appreciated your story and wanted to thank you for sharing. I was never diagnosed with ADHD but my…”
ADHD/Jillian What challenges do you have in relationships? “You wrote on your profile. I feel so lost with this whole ADAH combination type. I can't ever get anything…”

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