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mindyjill ADHD accomadations and coping strategies “Is it a good idea or a bad idea to drink coffee to stimulate you in the morning and give…”
vondagail Making that doctor’s appointment. Not sure if you… “Why can't a Dr. see I was diagnosed wrong earlier?I have taken report cards and my failures at everything in…”
SydneyH Is this at all normal? “I've experience this before. It sucks. Definitely call you psychiatrist and tell them about how you are feeling and describe…”
Dr Gary You can’t always predict how you’ll feel. What… “When you’re living with a chronic condition, life isn’t always very predictable, to say the least. The best laid of…”
punchinface Tip of the week #5: Quieting down the… “looks to me like you have a good time and go party a lot”

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